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Friday, February 17, 2012

What's in Ms. B's Bag?

As if the Friday before February vacation isn't exciting enough, it was also crazy hat day!

My Leprechaun hat put me in a very silly mood which put the kids in a silly mood which made for a very silly Friday! Hey, it's the day before vacation, what do you expect? 

We did manage to get a little learning mixed into the fun today. 
This week we started learning about schema.

I told the kids that schema sticks to our brains like lint on a lint roller and I actually demonstrated by using a lint roller to pick up pieces of paper that had my schema written on them.
Then they wrote down all their own schema. What a smart child this is...notice the schema in brown marker. :)

Today I connected schema to inferencing. We need to activate our schema to make inferences. To illustrate this we played a game called What's in Ms. B's Bag?
I had students pick (pre decided) items out of my bag. 

We wrote them down on the chart and they also used a graphic organizer. 

They they worked in partners to make inferences about me based on the items I carried in my bag. 

I use Brainpop videos to supplement just about every lesson I teach. No joke. Today I used a Brainpop Jr. video. 

To close the lesson we made inferences to solve these cute animal riddles on the Smartboard.

At 5:15 on this fabulous Friday all I can say is Happy February Vacation! 

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