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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sweet Innocence

       Day two of babysitting started off with the breakfast of champions.

I even got the girls to do some exercises with me. 

The girls were obsessed with the idea of weddings today. This may or may not be a direct result of watching three episodes of My Fair Wedding with David Tutera ! haha 

On the way to Build a Bear Workshop the girls told me that if Tom and I ever get married we would have to kiss and that's "gross!" I agreed. 

Well, later that night, Tom came to visit and boy was he a big hit. It started with a showering of homemade presents. 

The girls informed us that when people grow up to be 36" tall or when they turn 1,000 years old they have to get married because that's the way it works. 
Duly noted. 

As soon as dinner was over they pretty much attacked him. 
He put up a good fight, but eventually even the strongest ones must surrender. 

So to Tom, thanks for being the entertainment for the night. <3

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