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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Secret Getaway

Despite the fact that we said we weren't doing anything for Valentine's Day this year, Tom surprised me with an overnight getaway last night. I've known about the date since Valentine's Day, but he kept all the details a secret. THIS WAS KILLING ME! I'm a bit of a control freak. (Duh, I'm a teacher, it's who we are) I tried relentlessly to get some information out of him, but he kept those lips sealed! He loved every minute of torturing me.

I must say, the secrecy made for a very exciting week leading up to the big date. There was something so romantic about not knowing where he was whisking me away to.  I felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. And boy, he didn't disappoint.

My first hint came in the car on the way there. He reminded me that one of his New Years Resolutions was to try things he's never done before. Ever heard of a boutique hotel? I hadn't either, but that's just where we went! He did his research and found this ever so classy, sophisticated and trendy boutique hotel in Keene, NH.

A boutique hotel is simply a non chain, high class, distinctly decorated hotel. It was fun to experience something new together. (And go Tom for following through on your resolution!)

It had adorable wallpaper in the bathroom...

and a giant sitting room...

and robes!

He made dinner reservations at a restaurant called Luca's. It was hands down one of the best Italian meals I have ever eaten in my entire life. If you are ever in the Keene area, I would highly recommend going for dinner! However, your date won't be as handsome as mine. 
 Dinner was so much fun! We were one of the only couples there. The torrential down pours probably kept the customers away. That didn't stop me from prancing around in the puddles with my little dress and heals. We definitely made the best of the yucky weather! No, chivalry is not dead. Tom let me use his umbrella while he walked in the rain. I know, you're asking why we didn't both use it...he insisted. 

The entire evening was so perfectly romantic. He made me one happy girl. We don't often do things like this so it was greatly appreciated and enjoyed. I felt very lucky. 

So, stop reading my blog and go do something romantic for that special someone in your life.
Thanks, Tom. 


  1. OOO nice! Were you right downtown near Keene State? I used to walk that cute, little downtown daily! So fun!
    Char xo

  2. This is awesome! Go Tom.
    You look so beautiful, Diana. <3