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Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Home Stretch

We have one more day of the English Language Arts MCAS this week! Can I get a Wahooooo?

MCAS days are long and tough. MCAS days in unseasonably warm, 80 degree weather, are close to unbearable. I give so much credit to these kids. They have been working so hard. I was pleased to see them utilizing so many of their test taking strategies. They were highlighting, rereading and TTQA-ing (turning the question around). It was rewarding to watch them put to use everything they have learned. Phew! We did something right.

This is what I gave my kids on Tuesday morning before the long composition. Nobody can write on an empty tummy!
The poem is hard to see, but it was just a little last minute motivator. That and a glass of OJ, and the kids were pumped and ready to go. 

To prepare for the reading MCAS, I reviewed the 4 main parts of speech. We used Madlibs to make it fun. I remember when I was a kid, I used to laugh so hard while doing these. Turns out, I still find them just as funny. I was literally laughing out loud at some of their stories. 

Some of my kids had so much fun filling in the Madlibs, that they decided to make their own. (Talk about motivated! ) They even created one about Tom, and asked me to fill in the parts of speech. 

How cute, right?

One more day,  we're in the home stretch! 

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