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Monday, July 30, 2012

Common Core Galore

It's no secret that I've been spending my summer doing all the fun, cutesy, decorating type stuff for my classroom. It's one of my favorite parts about teaching. However, there is much more to teaching than creating a well decorated classroom.

The Common Core is coming quickly. Pretty soon we will no longer be using Massachusetts state standards; but rather a set of standards used nation wide. We will be saying goodbye to the MCAS for good. I've been trying to read up on the new standards and figure out which have changed or been removed. I came across the MasteryConnect  website and found out I can add the common core standards to my blog. Over on the right hand side of my blog you should see a pull tab. You can use this to search for standards by grade and subject. How helpful is that? I also downloaded the app for my iphone. Now I can have access to all those standards at any time, on the go. Because we all know how often you stop in your tracks and say "Hmm.. I wonder what standard number 4.OA.2 is ?" Just kidding, but I'm sure it will come in handy for quick reference throughout the year.

Here is a Pinterest board I found helpful in my Common Core search.

I also pulled the trigger on the quietest classroom pencil sharpener that has been all over Pinterest and teaching blogs.

I purchased it online for $24.99 from Classroom Friendly Supplies. After reading the reviews, I was sold. I went through 3 pencil sharpeners last year and was determined to invest in a good one for the upcoming school year. Let me tell you, this thing sharpens pencils like no other sharpener I've seen. Hopefully it can stand the test of time.

This is the blog that really sold me on it. I also like her classroom management idea about pencils.

Time to go enjoy the "pick of the week" weather out there. Happy Monday!


  1. Great post-made me smile. I teach in Boston and keep some websites where I post resources for common core. Hope they can help! and and

  2. Thanks, Mr. B! I will definitely check out your websites. Good luck this year.