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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As easy as Pie!

Who says you can't use food in the classroom anymore? Up in room 310, we've been all about the PIE. Author's purpose pie, that is.  We've been learning that authors write for three main purposes: to persuade, to inform, or to entertain. Take the first letter of each, and you get PIE!

We read three different books about pigs. The kids had to decide what the author's purpose was for each one. They realized that even though the books were all about the same topic, pigs, they each had a very different purpose. 

We charted their responses. 

Then they became the authors. I gave each child a book about an animal. The animal became their topic. They had to write three different selections about their animal. One had to persuade, one had to inform and one had to entertain.They got creative for persuasive writing. Many kids wrote a commercial. Some wrote from the animals point of view. For example, a turtle tried to convince the reader not to litter, while a lion tried to convince humans that he was a gentle, kind animal. 
This turned out to be quite the cross curriculum assignment. It involved reading, writing, researching, science and art. Don't ya just love when it all comes together like that?! 

I don't know about you, but all this talk about pie made me hungry! 

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  1. As a new college grad, I can see that this lesson could serve them well, all the way through college and beyond. Love the PIE analogy to help remember the main purpose for writing, and the exercise to drive it home!